Virtual Reality Room

This page contains virtual reality videos. To have maximum enjoyment of these videos, it is recommended that you use a Google Cardboard compatible headset or a mobile device with a gyroscope.

SIPI VR Vehicles Showcase

This video shows 360° videos from the viewpoint of SIPI's T101 Mars rover as well as a quadcopter flying above the campus.

Final Swarmathon 2017 Test

The Swarmathon team tests their Swarmies one last time to verify the code they uploaded will win us the competition.

I.C.MARS Projects

Six of the projects at SIPI are shown here. These projects took place during the spring trimester and will continue on in the next trimesters until they are completed.

The six projects shown in the video above are :

  • NASA Swarmathon - A competition that teams work with swarm robotics to develop the most efficient algorithm to collect resources. More information is available here: NASA Swarmathon

  • Rockets with Science Payloads - A group of ambitious students attempt to collect data using sensors loaded into the payload section of a rocket. These students also compete in rocketry competitions. During the 2019 spring trimester, they competed in the First Nations Launch competition

  • Robotics for Outreach and Education - SIPI's RoadRunner robotics platform was developed for educational outreach. The parts for each rover are sent to partner high schools for them to assemble and program. Each rover includes an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection and avoidance.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Support - This team supports other projects by designing and manuafacturing custom parts on 3D printers.

  • Augmented Reality Watershed Sandbox - The AR Sandbox simulates watershed tables through an interactive interface. The sand can be manipulated and a projection will update a topographic map in real time. The result is a highly captivating display of virtual water flowing through a real world environment.

  • Mini Mars Yard - This project has been ongoing for the past two years. It aims to create a group of rovers that can be controlled over the internet. The Mini Mars Yard started in a small room and has since been expanded to a larger warehouse size Large Mars Yard.