NASA Technologies Curriculum

This page contains the NASA Technologies Curriculum developed so far, including a teachers overview, instructions for assembling the RoadRunner 4.1 Robots, an order sheet with links to the suppliers, and the modular lesson materials listed as below.

This document contains the full curriculum contained in these lessons.

NASA Technologies Curriculum.pdf

RoadRunner 4.1 Assembly Manual

This PDF contains the full instructions for assembling a RoadRunner 4.1 robot. Below is also a video further detailing the Soldering Switch and Power Connector section of the manual.

Roadrunner 4.1 Assembly Manual V2.0.pdf

This is the parts list and links to order parts for RoadRunner 4.1 robots, with cost estimates (download the worksheet to fill in and calculate costs for robot orders) .

RoadRunner 4.1 Kit Order.xlsx